Busy with the exams!

Posted: December 16, 2010 in Articles, My Creations
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Busy with the exams these days…. not exactly reading 36 hours a day but reading none the less and also in no mood to read. Recently had an awful exam of the course I like so much.. and a great one of the one that I hate!

Almost had fight with some class mates and seniors(Verbally) and already having trouble with some others(psychologically)! why cant some people think that being favored by teacher isn’t end of the world and some days later, sooner or later he/she has to come to ground reality… just like the quote says, “ Earth is round my friend and keep in mind, Every dog has its day, if today is yours, mine isn’t very far.”

What’s wrong with the teachers? who do they think they are? hesitate to take lectures as per scheduled… believe me that’s always because they will have some shit causes always for not taking classes and during the end of semester they will always give more than half of the syllabus for your shake to complete before the finals.

Besides, Australia has almost lost the ashes! I don’t think they can fight back and win it. Its hard to believe that in four year’s time Australia has travelled a long distance from a great side(more than legendary that dominated all over the world) to utterly impossible less than average side. May be all Australian fans, like me, has to ask santa to bring our beloved team back. Having Shane warne in place of any other spinner(12th since the great man retired) wont do any further damage, more than that it will provide some marketable stories to the media.

On the other hand Barcelona is playing what we can call Football at its best, and Messi is playing at the form of his life(wonder if he can play any better) and I guess that will be the end of discussion on who is the best player of the planet!



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