रहर a poem by Hari Bhakta Katuwal

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Nepali Litereture, Other collections, Poems
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My Dad was present on one of the program when Hari Bhakta Katuwal recited a poem about himself…. it was, i guess, national poem competition. My dad said, i will ask him what poem it was later, after he finished reading the poem that described the pitiness of himself, he threw out his ragged shirt and showed what’s inside that.

I haven’t seen any better songwriter or a poet in Nepal and that was his condition,,,, How many poets died due to lack of money… Hari Bhakta died in the 40’s, laxmi Prashad died in the 50’s( Government didn’t give him salary for 8 months…. and the empty bowel turned into gastric  which turned into ulser and then cancer ).Bhairab Aryal had to die young and there are many more…..

anyways this is another great poem….check it!


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