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Magic in the Streets

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Some pictures that I have collected(and some taken) over the time that really makes me  think about how lucky I am…


Aren’t you fed up with the same Mo:Mo, Chow men or Biryani?


You aren’t satisfied with the Distemper or wallpaper are you?


  One of the best pictures I have seen, sadly the girl was killed by Taliban because of this picture, but look at those eyes.. they say it all.


The situations can be as bad as the picture shows!


A 6 year old beggar-girl waiting for some people who can loot lakhs for the ‘stoned-idol’ but don’t have enough pennies(or change) to lend her some.


or in case of this man why do you think he has to beg? Begging isn’t fun..


or is it? why do you think people are forced to do?


African stripshow///….. actually its an examination of a girl in an African country,i cant say where, where the parents sold their 9 year old daughter so that the drug lords will give them some food


A common site of our University….

She was not so poor some years before to beg for the two fists of food everyday, but some year before(that is when we just came to Bangladesh) her house(or hut i guess) was burnt down to ashes, as her husband was no more with her, she had to take care of her children, i still remember that horrendous day of her, when she was begging for clothes in the Damalipara for her and her kids….. and the pitiest of all is that she burnt her one leg then…. which was left untreated… and i guess, the way she walks… might have already grown Cancer!
So here is her story?
what will you say??


Rastay pore thaka ei shisu ta ki jibito na mrito… naki se amader shadhinotar protimurti kingba roktakto manchitro ??

(Is the Baby living or dead…. or is this baby questioning our dignity?)



उनिहरु ले भने,

खै कुन ढुङ्गामा अनि मुर्तिमा ईश्वर भेटिन्छ अरे,

उनिहरु ले भने हामी हिन्दु, ऊ त्यो ख्रिष्टियन,

अनि त्यो चाहिँ मुसलमान अरे,

फेरी भने, हामी ब्राम्हण, त्यो अछुत-

अनि तिनिहरू चाहिँ म्लेच्छ अरे।

मैले ढुङ्गा पुज्न रुचाँइन,

मैले मान्छे – मान्छेमा विभेद गर्न जानिँन,

मैले ईश्वरलाई कुनै नाम दिन सकिनँ-


मलाई बहुलाएको आरोप लगाइयो ।


उनिहरु ले शीवलाई सर्वशक्तिमान मात्र देखे,

मैले शीवलाई भाङ्ग-धतुरो खानेपनि देखेँ,

उनिहरु ले विष्णुलाई पालक मात्र देखे,

मैले व्रिन्दालाई गरेको छल पनि देखेँ,

उनिहरु ले रामलाई आदर्श-न्यायी मात्र देखे,

मैले सीतामाथी भएको अन्याय पनि देखेँ,

उनिहरु ले कृष्णलाई आदर्श-पूरुष बनाए,

मैले कृष्णको छल-कपट पनि देखेँ,

मैले भनेँ- कृष्ण ‘क्याशानोभा’ थियो,

उताबाट फ्याट्ट प्रतिउत्तर आयो-

तँ बहुला होस ।


मैले ईश्वर एउटै हो-साझा हो भनेँ,

उनिहरु ले अनगिन्ति नाम दिसकेका रहेछन्,

मैले भने मानवसेवा परमधर्म हो,

उनिहरूका ढुङ्गा अनि मुर्तिहरू टड्कारो रहेछन,

उनिहरूको एष्ट्रेझैँ फुस्रो ओठहरूबाट आवाज निस्कियो,

तँ वंशको कलंक होस- तँ बहुला होस,

अनि पाप-पूण्यका पुराना काहनी सुनाइए,

ती काहनीमा भीष्म- अभीमन्यू थिएनन्

न त एकलब्य-रावण नै थिए ।


हो म बहुला हुँ,

मलाई तिम्रो वैकुण्ठ जानु छैन,

मेरो ‘युटोपिया’ यसै धरतीमा छ,

ती निर्दोष कलिला ओठहरूमा हाँसो हेरेका छौ?

मेरो ईश्वर त्यही हो-आर्शिवाद त्यही हो,

एक मूँठी गाँसका लागि लडीरहेका को-

पेट भर्न सक्दा- मेरो स्वर्ग पनि त्यही हो ।

मलाई ऋचाहरुले पेट अनी पञ्चामृतले तिर्खा मेट्नु छैन,

अरूले छोएको खाएर नर्क जाने डर पनि ममा छैन् ।

मलाई मन्दिर बनाएर वैकुण्ठमा बस्ने रहर छैन

म पाठषाला बानाएर पीषाच हुन तयार छु ।

चाहे जेसुकै उपमा किन नदिउन,


म बाहिर उभिएको त्यो अशाहयलाई लात्ति मारेर

त्यो ढुङ्गोमा म दुध चढाउन सक्दिन ।


The god lies inside and the helpless lies outside-

when will we be able to distinguish what Humanity!

Who were Hippies? If anyone asks you, what would you imagine? Probably the strangely clothed young people with long hair and unshaved beards, with flowers attached to their tie-dyed shirts, having glassy eyes due to Marijuana and LSD(or Acids) and listening to the songs of Bob Dylan or John Baez or Bob Marley or Carlos Santana. If you know little more, a world of people where people can live together without fighting against one another singing the songs of war and peace and with rage against age old communists.

"The 60′s were a leap in human consciousness. Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Che Guevara, Mother Teresa, they led a revolution of conscience. The Beatles, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix created revolution and evolution themes. The music was like Dalí, with many colors and revolutionary ways. The youth of today must go there to find themselves."

Carlos Santana

From the childhood I have heard many stories about Hippies and the Magic buses they travelled, stories from many fathers and uncles, who were part of the generation when Hippies left America after the fall of trend there in search of Peace through Asian culture, particularly Hinduism and Buddhism, and started wearing Jeans or Bought Guitar. The stories takes me to a strange world, the world of those 7 days of Woodstock festival of 1969 on the East coast, that was highest point of Hippie generation in America and from which the decline started too, or the times of summer of love-1967.                                                                              

   “If you’re going to San Francisco

Be sure to wear

Some flowers in your hair

If you’re going to San Francisco

You’re gonna meet

Some gentle people there.”

                                                   San Fransisco- Scott Mckenzie                                          

It was the time when time was changing. If the Fear of cold war was the igniter, the Vietnam war encouraged more and more youths to be Hippies. Hair like Jesus wore it-Hip style of clothing, colourful Lorries(Magic Bus) and free spirited people advocating against war smoking-"Grass" and taking-"Acids" became synonymous with Hippies.

“Come mothers and fathers throughout the land

And don’t criticize What you can’t understand

Your sons and your daughters Are beyond your command

Your old road isR apidly agin’.

Please get out of the new one If you can’t lend your hand

For the times they are a-changin’.”

Bob Dylan(1964)- The times, They are A-Changing

As every trend declines, Hippies too succumbed.  However there were some Hippies who were in quest of the Mystic east. Hippies took over a big part of the religions of the Far East. They did not adopt a special one, but formed their own mixture of certain pieces of Buddhism, Hinduism etc. Due to the importance of peaceful living (especially in Buddhism) and exploring one’s own mind, they were absolutely ideal for the young people in search for the real truth. Drug taking to gain spiritual insights is widespread among the priests of Hinduism, so the experiences made by them could be easily compared to those of the LSD-taking flower children. Or, may be because as the part of revolution since both these religion were new to the America.


They had many reasons for going: some sought spiritual enlightenment, some were escaping from a rigid conventional lifestyle, some saw opportunities for profit, and some just wanted to see the world. The Hippies landed first in the west coast of Europe and then through Amsterdam went for the journey of Sacred land, land of god and grass. They shared the road with a motley procession of private cars, vans, minibuses, even motorbikes. Many vehicles never made it all the way, and many more never made it back. It was, after all, a journey of over 6,000 miles in each direction, and it took in high mountain passes, scorching deserts, and some very rough roads. From Amsterdam to Nepal the Modern Silk road got its name from the long haired grass smoking purple hazed and glassy eyed  Flower guys, known as Hippie trail.


The trail with magic buses essentially started from Istanbul and run through Iran, Afganistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal.In winter months most hippies would head south for the beaches of Goa, where hashish was always freely available (though it was not actually produced there). But in the summer the hippie trail ended in the mountains of Nepal, where until 1973 there were many hashish shops operating legally, and where there was no real difficulty obtaining the world’s finest Charas afterwards.

And hence there is another part of Hippie story that we have forgotten. They weren’t all about Marijuana and LSD, it was the way for them to achieve spiritual happiness, the closest thing to  Meditation in East. They were the first to start spiritual revolution throughout the gain;“The new man is born, it is not just the monkey being man, it’s the realization of Man being Man”- Osho. We should not forget the spiritual part of Hippies, “The quest for Nirvana” that made them Discover the east with Nepal being their Summer station. Wish I was living in those colourful purple season of Kathmandu with Cat Stevens singing, “Katmandu I’ll soon be seeing you, And your strange bewildering time will keep me home.” in the streets of Newroad, Thamel and the Banks of Bagmati and the hills of Shoyambu hazed in purple.

Look at the countries they have travelled now, Afghanistan is bombed, Iran is crazy, Pakistan is on more than a turmoil, India on its path of glory and Nepal lost its virginity long ago.

I am not a religious person, in-fact agnostic but some days before I was in ISCKON(an association of Krishna’s temples). I was there because, Radha-Krishna Dharabasi, gave Birth to a question, ‘What exactly happened to Radha?’. I know Mahabharata and Ramayana and all the epic tales are just the oration or amplification of tales of the incidents that might had happened thousands year before. So, since Hinduism has its own peculiar(and often shitty, I can’t imagine some people treat Indra as god still) explanations, in the middle of the congregation I asked the head priest, “Why Mahabharatha, Harivamsa or Srimad Bhagavatha didn’t offer the explaination of Radha’s whole life, since ‘The Rashaleela’ is so much talked?” There is no answer to this in these holy books (I also found that Dharabasi’s Radha had some amount of fear as it hesitates to explain Krishna and all his coups, may be “Krishna Bhattarai” the Brahmhan won to “Krishna Dharabasi” the writer) as is the case of many other.


History’s first antifeminist and immaterial love story!

I got an answer that said something like this,”You fool, try to understand the difference between the various stages of Shri Krishna’s leelas. it’s not just a story of Krishna, Radha and krishna are one. They are the epitome of true love . The love of Krishna, Radha and Gopis is purely platonic which only proper thoughts can help to understand. The love was so pure that it doesn’t need any special mention.” How am I to be satisfied with such an answer?

Hinduism is in-fact the religion of Hypocrites, the biggest of them are those who wrote the holy epics according to the way the dictators wanted them to be. Hinduism is an oral religion and the Purans and epics came thousands of year later the actual event. The actual description of Hinduism is in the four Vedas where god is described as an unity and idol worshipping has not been described. Yes, Hinduism was a monolithic religion in the beginning, but not as of now.

“na tasya pratima asti

“There is no image of Him.”

[Yajurveda 32:3]5

“shudhama poapvidham”

“He is bodyless and pure.”

[Yajurveda 40:8]6

Actually it was Vyasa who started describing god in multiple forms and, he and Aadi Sankaracharya were the first person to start idol worship. Any ways my quest was not to find what are the theories of God rather it was to find the what happened to Radha. Due to the thin resources and no explanations by prophets its hard to find what exactly happened to her, but I find these interesting alternative stories:

Story one:

She married Krishna Secretly to Krishna in Vrindavan Forest. Though she dint see Krishna later in her life again she remained unmarried. There is a temple in Maharastra ‘radharani temple’ which is the place where radha waited till death for krishna to come.

Story two:

She married ‘Abhimanyu’ son of Jatila a Yadav. What forced her to marry him remains unexplained.

Story three:

She married to a god fearing person called ‘Chandrasena’. I couldn’t find who he is!

Story four:

She Married to ‘Anay’, a warrior of mathura. This story is found mostly mentioned.

Chanting “Brindhaban mai Radha-Shayam……” ain’t going to cover the antifeminism of Hinduism and Krishna in particular. It may be the continuation of what happened to Sita in the previous installment of the fairytales of Hinduism. Whatever it is, ‘The Rashleela provided a subtle role in development of indian culture and tradition. Its one of the greatest mystery that will remain unresolved. The curious case of Mary Magdolene may be the same in case of Christianity, but its just till someone other than the Pope gets access to the vatican archives.

In Hindu holy books(I like to call them Hindu Fairy tales) its not the life of Radha that is only without explaination, there are many more. Perhaps it is in those lies the images of Hindu gods lies in. We are worshipping Indra for whatever he has done still as the king of god, I guess that says it all. Or believing how Pandavas’ birtha was as pure as water or how a hundred and three Kauravas were born or how ‘puspak biman’ flew. Hinduism also doesn’t properly elaborate the role of Bhiesma(his sacrifices), Abhimanyu(the young blood and bravaries) , Hanuman(after the war), Ravana(his geniuses) or how the ‘daityas’ are described as how bad they are. Recently, I came across a article on Eklavyaa and his life after his thumb was cut. He supported Pandava’s in the war but was later killed by Shri Krishna in some battle.

Perhaps people are more comfortable using the burning fire than to light a new one.

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