Calling the soul home

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Articles, Other collections
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Through many dimension of time and space, my soul Journeys and learns, my soul sings its unique song with the joys and the wonder of being. Yet, I remember only the fragments of being the song. But in my quietest moments I hear the faint call- — and a memory stirs. A memory of oneness, a longing for wholeness, joy, beauty and peace.

And so I open wide the window into my sacred heart-space. And from afar I hear my soul sing to me. And hearing the distant melodies I call to my soul- ‘ Calling it HOME’. I enter into the silence of my core and listen, waiting for the response. With the great joy I follow the song into the playground of my soul. Finding all the fragments and bringing them back to hold them the state within.

And within this precious places we play and bring together the notes to our unique song, a song that tell the joy of being reunited. The music flows through each cell of my being, bringing every aspect into divine harmony.

And together we sing our song into the world and the world hears. I remember— I am home, calling the soul home.


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  1. Rishav Guragain says:

    home is the basic unit of world…calling home is to remember the whole world..and the soul goes on salalalalalala………….

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