National Unity Day- Do anybody cares?

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Articles, My Creations, Nepali Litereture
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Today is Poush 27, Prithivi Jayanti and Unity day, or at least it was what we used to call this day when we were in school. There used to be a huge fare in Kankai river near my home on the occasion of Maghe sangranti and my father used to take us for an early visit. And since it was National unity day, all the people, regardless of their political and regional belief used to pay homage to the king who united the small tattered kingdoms to a country called Nepal. A lot of things has changed since then, shah dynasty founded by Prithivi Narayan Shah is finally no more ruling our country after two hundred and fifty years. Country is now republic, a president is the head of the country, and literally speaking the country is ruled by some three or five parties. The country which is going to be federal state with all the state based on caste more than anything else not long.

For building the country itself Prithivi Narayan shah owes a lot of credits, those credits almost all the people now seems to have forgotten. May be he visited Banars from the money raised from poor Gorkhalis. A penny from each household then was a lot of money actually. I fondly remember Shravan Mukaroong reciting the poem, ‘Bise Nakarchi Bahula Thiyo’ in the National poem fiesta just before the, it won’t be otherwise it say so, now unfortunate second people’s movement which increased the blood pressure of lots of veins.

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Spending the money wasn’t all he did, when he came back he brought some arms and armories and trainers which was the first step towards unification, or toward enlargement of Gorkha kingdom as some people like to call. It was war, lots of people died, at sometimes he was Barbaric too like killing the nose of all kirtipurians and the way he captured Kathmandu. He was practically involved in few wars only. He did no justice to Kalu Pandey and Biraj Bakheti who were practically responsible for all wins. He unified all the Baise, Chaubise and other small states and gave a single name to the country as Nepal. It was his ambition to grow powerful and richer that developed as the country Nepal, a kingdom ruled by Shah kings. The shah and other people in the power misused the and wealth stalled to them and made the country a torn state but what we have seen in past few years is not any better, is it?

Now the country is republic doesn’t mean that we are now to forget completely the debt we owe to Prithivi Narayan Shah. He may had formed a kingdom for his grandchildren but he gave us a common Name to live under, Nepal. The Maoist, who were all responsible for uprooting the shah kings didn’t do any good in those thirteen years killing those fourteen thousand people and aren’t doing any good now either. In fact its worse now than ever with all these dirty fulcrum of power. What’s wrong with celebrating the National Unity day? If it was celebrated in the day Prithivi was born, does it mean that we have to forget the day that represented for ages that we were and are Nepali? Can’t we just remember those 12 lines from his Dibyopadesh on this day. Or did Prithivi did a huge mistake unifying those pieces of bread to form a loaf named Nepal. The loaf is Algalized and replaced by new type doesn’t mean we should completely forget the man who produced it. If it wasn’t him, we would have been singing ‘Jana Mana gana’ or ‘God save the queen‘. Dear Leaders, Creating New country doesn’t mean completely forgetting all the debts we owe to Prithivi Narayan Shah and other Shah kings but also, more importantly, changing your old dirty habits.

Hope Nepal will always remain as the common garden of Four caste and thirty-six sub casts.

Jaya Nepal!

  1. Rishav Guragain says:

    jay nepal..

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