Facebook- the Pros and Cons

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Articles, My Creations
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Once my friend said, “Facebook is the list of people you know and Twitter is the list of people you wish to know”. Since Mark Zukerberg founded Facebook in 2004, the world of internet, and the whole world itself aren’t same anymore. You can connect with people you know or you knew or even you are not known of, you can see their photos, know what they are doing, send emails and chat with them, all that in a single store, Facebook. Then there is twitter, our free social commentator. Precisely speaking it s the list of people you want to know and also you already know. You can follow anyone, and yes without hampering their privacy. And its micro blogging feature has made it a commentator or a live feed provider.

The world and people around the world aren’t aliens at all. Who in the late 90’s would have thought the world would change this much. Did you imagine I 1990’s that you will one day be updating status in Facebook so that your friend can comment on it, while sitting on the toilet seat? Honestly I never thought so. Or how could you imagine that you can upload anything you like so that anyone in the vicinity and beyond would see it…. Yeah, Youtube has made it possible and look we have a proof how great it is, Justin Bieber!


Things are never the same again. People, of course myself including, like to poke on the walls of other or chat with friends rather than reading the books. Sometimes, I ponder myself, if Facebook was here when Harry Porter came, had I saved money from my pocket money to buy a copy of it as soon as it came out? I had no choice but be a part the adventures of the broomstick and make J K Rowling from a bankrupt divorced woman to Millionaire! Now the unsocial guy, Mark has made all of us social. Is the virtual world perfect? I doubt so. There are not the same old late evening meeting with friends, there are not much those funny parties and cycle, or if were lucky, bike rides. We no longer spend 10 rupees to buy a newspaper, what I mean is we no longer go out. Yes social network is making us unsocial. The grades are shrinking, the merriment of old days is gone, and you have bamboozled yourself in a room, in a PC or a Smartphone. You care about your Farmville Neighbor and don’t even know who lives across the hall.

Like the quote says, “Things were lot better when Apple and BlackBerry were just the fruits”, Life is not the same once you get addicted to social networking.

  1. toilet ma facebook chalaune garya raicha ni sathile..pol khulyo ni…haha

  2. Finally, someone who gets that social networking is making us unsocial! The elimination of person-to-person interaction with one another is something people should be talking about and really analysing.

  3. sitanbul says:

    You don’t say now . . .

  4. kusmidhakal says:

    Ya! i think this is true!

    • pkhatiwada says:

      yeah! i saw some data yesterday that showed that about 37% of people use facebook via smartphone and more than 75% of them check in either the first thing of the the day or bfore gettin out of bed…

      but i thought you woulld like the previous one? the one about unity day? did u check it?

  5. nepaliketi says:

    tee hee… you should ream time’s article on mark ji ; )

  6. Rishav Guragain says:

    like that man…social networking is a way of unity..

    • pkhatiwada says:

      but i was talking from another view. Timi aafai imagine gara..if facebook was back there 5 years ago(use)… Rati rati drain ma basera daare ko crazy ani habre ko haude guff sunthyau hola ta?fursaad ko time ma jhyal ma basera…. Chaat ma basera ‘ae D….a’ would u have said so? Haha…just givin examples…but paila jasto sathiharuma intimacy rahena aba(in practical life)..maybe virtually we r together bt practically we r miles apart nw!

  7. keshab says:

    very nice i like the last one: “You care about your Farmville Neighbor and don’t even know who lives across the hall.”

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