Why You Should Visit Nepal?

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Articles, Other collections
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1. Lukla Airport
Because it’s the most dangerous airport in the world, Discovery Channel says so. Of course this also makes it is the most exciting: as you take off, you go downhill then the runway just disappears into the valley, and as you get into the air you are in the embrace of the most majestic mountains in the world.

2. Karnali Highway
Because it has no overtaking lanes, road signs or painted road markings, making it the world’s most dangerous highway. We are in awe of every passenger who has completed this journey.

3. Online voting champions
Because we win anything that has an online voting system; whether it’s cheering on Indian Idol Prashant Tamang, or helping Anuradha Koirala win $100,000 as a CNN Hero, we’re there with bells on.

4. Kutumba
Because their instrumental folk ensemble sounds so damn good that they have played everywhere from the Commonwealth Games in Delhi to the International Environment Festival in France.

5. Wireless Everest
Because Ncell has made technology reach its highest peak by installing the first 3G base station at the summit of Mount Everest. How many Nepalese are planning a trip up just to tag their triumph?

6. We ❤ the environment
Because although Kathmandu may too often eclipse the rest of the country, when it comes to environmentally friendly behavior our smaller cities like Ilam and Pokhara have set an example by going plastic-free.

7. Prabal Gurung
Because no other designers from the sub-continent have designed anything impressive enough to dress the American First Lady Michelle Obama and top celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Demi Moore and Zoe Saldana. And we shiver every time he mentions Nepal.

8. Nepali Pashmina
Because cashmere can't get finer than this!

9. Politics
Because of idiot political leaders who instead of thinking nation they think of themselves and are ruiningcontinuously.

10. Goldstar
Because it is local, worn by politicians and struggling athletes and is slowly replacing the fake Converse from Khasa.

11. Female cricketers
Because the Nepali women's cricket team beat Malaysia to be the numero uno at the first ACC Under 19 Women's Championship, and the government awarded each team member Rs 100,000, the highest cash prize awarded in the history of Nepali cricket.

12. Newari food
Because if you eat chhoela, alu tama, bara, chatamari, kachilo, bodi, sukuti and wash it down with a jug of chhyang, there is nothing more you would ever want.

13. Gundruk
Because we are wise and stock up on emergency delicacies; or just prefer to eat wilted, shredded and dried greens to fresh ones.

14. Ginger
Because this little rhizome has made us rich and famous (well, it's all relative…). After all, we are the world's fourth biggest ginger producers, and even the world's largest producer imports it from us.

15. Sur Sudha
Because Nicholas Sarkozy's wife Carla Bruni seeks peace through their tranquil raga.

16. One horned Rhino
Because not only is this creature endangered, is also the main source of Chitwan National Park's revenue.he mentions Nepal.

17. Nepali pride
Because we saw this {pic} on Google's homepage on Christmas Eve and it made our heart flutter.

18. Sukul
Because it is made of straw and is eco-friendly. Because it is not class-oriented; you can find it at top-notch hotels like Dwarika's or a local bhatti.

19. Birds
Because the more than 848 species of birds found in Nepal make it a birdwatcher's paradise. And because we have a special day dedicated to worshipping black crows.

20. Instant noodles
Because we made and consumed 5.9 million packets in 2009, and hami sabai ko Wai Wai (our Wai Wai) is the slogan for Nepal's favourite instant noodle.

21. Deepak Bista
Because he is the first guy in the history of the South Asian Games to win four consecutive gold medals. In 2010, he did it in spite of his knee injury.

22. Unreal estate
Because the landlords can rent almost every room out. Because the house can be sold immediately, and because of the ever-increasing price of land.

23. Momo
Because this is one food that unites us Nepalis.

24. Rooftop Bus Rides
Because it's not just the restaurants that offer a rooftop service, even our buses do; wanderlust Nepali style.

25. Documentaries
Because though our commercial film industry may suck, filmmakers like Kesang Tseten, Mohan Mainali and Deepak Rauniyar make powerful documentaries. And with regular festivals like Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival, and Film South Asia, we are undoubtedly the documentary capital of South Asia.

26. Goodies
Because you can find every designer imitation from Gucci sweatpants to Trussardi nail polish.

27. Pokhara
Because everyone needs to experience the calm stretch of the lakeside, the panoramic view of the Himalayan range and the lush nature that Pokhara has to offer. And after all, nature is the best therapy.

28. Caffé Concerto, Pokhara
Because no Italian restaurant can get better than this in Nepal. Because their food is so delicious that it's impossible not to overeat, and the ice cream is truly Italian-style.

29. Tongba
Because not only is this drink indigenous, but served in a fancy stein like a metal mug with a lid through which extends a metal straw – a state of the art serving mechanism if ever we saw one.

30. Community radios
Because there are more than 150 radio stations operating around the country, and this model of communication has become so successful that other countries have followed suit.

31. Lumbini
Because of birth place of Lord Gautam Buddha and also known as world peace city.

32. Load shedding
Because we persevere through the darkest of nights with grace and humour. And because remote parts like Humla have ditched the idea of the electric grid and gone solareven thoughcountry is second richest in water resources after Brazil and have capacity to produce 83,000 Mega Watt electricity which can light Asia .

33. Our grandmothers kick ass
Because this 65-year old rides on the bus driven by her son to collect the fare. She is charming and gentle, and no one has tried to evade the fare. Ever.

34. Khagendra Thapa Magar
Because standing at 2 feet and 2.5 inches tall, he is the shortest man in the world, and is almost about to replace Mount Everest as Nepal's most famous asset.

35. Guitar Heroes
Because we can't decide between Hari Maharjan and Gopal Rasaily. Both of them brought guitar strumming to adulthood in Nepal, and boy, are we grateful?

36. Tigers
Because we have 155 of the world's 3,200 tigers. We are concerned about the extinction of this ruler of the jungle, but the government is committed to doubling the number by 2022.

37. The Himalaya
Because Mount Everest is in Nepal. And the Himalayas that run through Nepal are home to eight of the fourteen tallest mountains in the world.

38. Lovers of Nepal
Because former Bond girl Joanna Lumley loves Nepal. So did Tony Hagen, who trekked the length and breadth of Nepal for fifteen years of his life. And they're just two people.

39. Off-road biking
Because our roads and pathways may not let a sports car glide, but they will enchant the lovers of extreme sports, including mountain biking and extreme off-road biking.

40. Policewomen of Thapathali
Because they kick ass, sometimes literally (of traffic rule violators, that is). They swear like sailors, and their killer looks can make even the most determined riders fall off the saddle.

41. Elephant Polo
Because this novel (let's forget ethics for a while) sport originated in Meghauli, and we are in the exclusive club of countries, including only Thailand, Sri Lanka and Nepal, who continue to host this game.

42. Equal rights
Because we want to host the world's highest same-sex wedding at Everest Base Camp. We have surpassed America when it comes to equal rights for sexual minorities. And cross-dressing during special functions is an age-old tradition of the Nepali army.

43. Nepal lovers II
Because Ricky Martin and Leonardo DiCaprio come to Nepal without being noticed. Sting does an impromptu concert in Thamel. Because Helena Christensen came and went, and no one even noticed.

44. Colours
Because there is so much colour here. And because you don't see two women wearing the same sari.

45. Robin Tamang
Because he still rides around on his Enfield in a wife-beater. And yet he is the only rockstar who can pull off a Daura Surwal.

46. Ashmina Ranjit
Because no other artist has performed live in a dress made with sanitary pads with a tube oozing red blood; now that is art in its most expressive form.

47. Achar
Because we like to make achar out of every vegetable possible, from bitter gourd to cauliflower and eggplant.

48. Music
Because we have refined taste in music. We host Jazzmandu, one of the foremost Jazz festivals, as well as the Himalayan Blues festival; then there's also Silence Festival, a misleading name for a heavy metal rock festival and Music by the Museum. Music is everywhere.

49. Heaven
Because looking at the rhododendrons with snow-capped covered mountains in the backdrop while sipping a cup of Nepali tea with bhuteko makai is the closest you will come to heaven on earth.

Because we are Nepali: we don't talk about the things that piss us off, we talk about the things we love.

Courtesy: Wave magazine.

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    and what about nepali political system ? 🙂

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