Magic in the Streets

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Some pictures that I have collected(and some taken) over the time that really makes me  think about how lucky I am…


Aren’t you fed up with the same Mo:Mo, Chow men or Biryani?


You aren’t satisfied with the Distemper or wallpaper are you?


  One of the best pictures I have seen, sadly the girl was killed by Taliban because of this picture, but look at those eyes.. they say it all.


The situations can be as bad as the picture shows!


A 6 year old beggar-girl waiting for some people who can loot lakhs for the ‘stoned-idol’ but don’t have enough pennies(or change) to lend her some.


or in case of this man why do you think he has to beg? Begging isn’t fun..


or is it? why do you think people are forced to do?


African stripshow///….. actually its an examination of a girl in an African country,i cant say where, where the parents sold their 9 year old daughter so that the drug lords will give them some food


A common site of our University….

She was not so poor some years before to beg for the two fists of food everyday, but some year before(that is when we just came to Bangladesh) her house(or hut i guess) was burnt down to ashes, as her husband was no more with her, she had to take care of her children, i still remember that horrendous day of her, when she was begging for clothes in the Damalipara for her and her kids….. and the pitiest of all is that she burnt her one leg then…. which was left untreated… and i guess, the way she walks… might have already grown Cancer!
So here is her story?
what will you say??


Rastay pore thaka ei shisu ta ki jibito na mrito… naki se amader shadhinotar protimurti kingba roktakto manchitro ??

(Is the Baby living or dead…. or is this baby questioning our dignity?)

A picture and words from My friend Sadhana Sanba Limbu..
This is not an orphanage. this is a sanctuary of love and hope and compassion. Just because ‘She’ was born as a daughter : O` ‘/shud not be educated/ ‘arkako dailo puchney jaat’ . These are the daughters from the far west and most of remote areas of the country where people still think daughters are not to be educated and subject to male chauvinism. This woman, an inspirational lady ‘Purnima Gurung ‘ stands to all of the odds and fights to educate those who are in need.And here i dunt post these pictures for mere show-show talk- talk- [no cup of tea-]but to let you people know- aware that there is this place under shadow and needs support because We try , we succeed.!
Join us. how many of you will??..
For equality,for rights, for daughters for compassion and love ♥


Magic is on the streets isn’t it?

  1. nepaliketi says:

    wow. how heartbreaking. i don’t give money to kids ever. but i do give to the old people. the old folks break my heart. the young ones though … i personally know of a few who have refused to go into shelters or orphanages … i used to buy them food, but now it’s a vicious circle, isn’t it? if you give them food or ten rupees, more are encouraged to hit the streets, to leave whatever they have at “home” … but if you don’t and they are real beggars you’ve just denied them the tiniest morsel …

  2. pkhatiwada says:

    ya..I agree with your comment but atleast we can try to help some.
    and what about the last picture? She is doing great job there.Its not all she has done,provided clothes to the ‘KHATES’ this winter, often spares almost of all of her salary to help the ‘useless oldies’ of Pasupatinath,…. And dont get surprised she is just ‘hardly’ 20.

  3. Deepanker says:

    Hey buddy, great work!!
    Terrible how more than a quarter of the world lives.
    But in the case of the afghan girl, I think you should know that she wasn’t killed……more news on:

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