Saraswati Puja isn’t all about Education, Is it?

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Articles, My Creations, Uncategorized
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Saraswati-Puja it is today. It is probably the third day of year any student will pledge to read with whole heart. The first two being ‘the New year’s day’ and ‘after the exam finishes’. The day when, traditionally, young kids starts their education has never excited me. Today, as I am writing this post and listening to the podocast of Sirish ko Ful(parijat); thanks to Ujyalo Network and Achyut Acharya(a female would have been better, or its just me?), I have no plans to wake up early and take bath and go to pay prayers to the statue of Saraswati. It has nothing to do with me being agnostic but more than that being reluctant to bath early in the morning; any phobia, anyone? Or probably due to high temperature of my forehead and abnormal weight of my lungs, I have no strength to give-up my bed.

But I doubt thinks would have changed if I was well. I have my own plans for tomorrow. My Saraswati is in my books, I have to search her in those letters. Saying this, the deja-vu takes me back to the days of my school when my Baba(Dad) told me story when I skipped classes to collect Chandas to arrange pujas. Many of you have/had heard the story where a young boy thought he can pass the exam if Saraswati becomes happy with him. He failed the exam but Saraswati somehow convinces( I forgot how?) him to search for Mantras in his books. The boy does as Saraswati said and passed the next exam. This story had/has been a great influencer to me to reinvent myself from average student to not-so-average student in the school.

Saraswati-Puja has always been a fashion cum tradition. The GIRLS and boys wear the best possible dress and a Kilogram and so of makeup and always comes an hour early in the school and talk not so routine talks in the premises of the school. it is unreasonable to say that the girls always looked pretty in this day. Taking prasads is another part of saraswati-puja, that is if you are not adult enough to be still single or if you do not belong the above mentioned category you visit other school and mandirs to see the celebrations or the girls. It is always fun fighting with friends to have some extra set of Prashad and also robbing friends from it. And as the night looms you become too tired with all the gossips and travels you sleep early. You know the hell.. the day of goddess of education and you didn’t even touched your book or pen.


I stick with my Baba. I would like to stay in the home reading “Sumnima-B.P koirala” rather than watching some random girls’, you know what!.

  1. pkhatiwada says:

    sorry my bad…make it Achyut Ghimire,…. And yep i loved the way he read all other books bt i hate the way he presented this one… Cant feel any sentiments Parijat has planted in the characters through his voice

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