Dear- Happy Valentine!

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Articles, My Creations
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When I talked the idea of writing this with my sister and said to her that I want to contemplate. She said I was too young to contemplate. She is right; being 20 some isn’t old enough to contemplate. Let me call this as a something between contemplation and confession. This is not confusion because it is not about the mistake that I had made.

It were those two magic years of my life that I fell in love with you. I didn’t need anything except those few glances to fall in love with you. I was like spellbound to you. You were not the only girl I knew there, I had so many friends both girls and boys with whom I spent great time but you were something special someone, like, out of the world for me. Those windows that terrace on/from which I used to search the glances, yes, those it’s something that I will never forget. It’s not we never talked or saw, but looking secretly was totally different and enchanting thing. You were the reason why I woke up till late in the night or used to wake up early(with lots of pain of course) just to say you have a good day.

Should I have shared the feeling with you? I am not sure, or I didn’t want it to be shared. You were so near to me, I didn’t want to lose a friend like you. Or maybe I was just a dork who didn’t have the guts to say it all. I was not sure of the reaction, and I did never want to ruin the friendship we had. I am grateful that I didn’t lose a friend like you and regret that we are not more than that. Now that I don’t have any reason to hate you and loving you is one thing that I will never stop or regret.

It was something more than liking. It was the orgasm of liking that didn’t require any bodily contact. Love doesn’t require any definitions, any perimeter and any conditions that’s why despite being miles apart i can’t stop loving you. I can’t explain how much because it has no Grammar. All and you may i made a blog post or news out of this, I just couldn’t help but write and share the love that I did to you without you.

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  2. pkhatiwada says:

    its confession hai..not confusion

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