Democracy Day or the Bryan Adams’ Concert, which one is bigger?

Posted: February 20, 2011 in Articles, My Creations
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Today was 61st national Democracy day but everyone seems to have forgotten the day when the people uprooted the Rana-Regime that ruled our country for 104 years. It’s the day when we first saw that how powerful the people are in-front of Rulers. Today as we are experiencing the power people possesses in the country like Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Yemen and Thailand, the whole country seems too busy to celebrate the Canadian-Rocker in the capital than remembering the National Democracy day.

I have read somewhere that the Government no longer recognizes Democracy day as the national festival. The government seems too busy to celebrate the religious festivals of all the religions and even if the festivals are nonsense like Udhauli or Ubhauli which not even all limbu celebrates but fails to recognze such important day of our history. The king had active role in restoring of Democracy in the country during 2007 and he was the benefice too but that is no reason why we should not remember the day.

Today the so called republicans who if the king gurantees that they will be on the power as long as they want will happily restore the monarchy are too busy playing with the virginity(that is long lost) and dignity of our country we have forgotten what the day gave us. The Rana though did some good works like abatement of Kamara and sati pratha by Chandrasumsher or the starting of formal education in Nepal but most of them did nothing but loot our country. The Ranas even today are the wealthiest Gharana of our country for no other reason. We have no account of what they did too our country in any specific number but they did no good to us. The country was in shithole for 104 years and even more before the regime started.

It all started with lakhan thapa, Crown Prince Trailokya tried to some extend(probably for his own shake) and reached to its extreme with the four Martyrs, Praja-Parisad and National Congress. It was not the agenda of single party or single community. People from all over the country, nomatter it was Okhaldhunga, Bhojpur, Biratnagar, Pokhara, Kathmandu, Doti, kanchanpur, Darchula and infact from everywhere were into revolution. The times were changing. Though, all had to compromise within due to pressure of India and more of the inability and Greed of King Tribhuvan, it was a great achievement notheless in the history of our country.

I remember we used to do poetry fiesta in our school as well as in the community on this day. Today as I from Bangladesh saw on all the social network none of my friends wrote about Democracy day and none forgot to write about Bryan Adams. Suddenly the concert of the singer who might sing the song summer of 69 for 50000th time and we still wont forget to wave our hands.. but all found it so painful to type ‘democracy day’.

Have a great luck, have a night  to remember with the always 18 singer who rock the katmandu at winter  with summer of 69, if it is bigger than the Day we freed ourselves from Rana. 


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