Mother language Day (#21Feb), and What #Nepal can Learn

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Articles, My Creations
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As per the UNESCO announced on 17 November 1999, today, 21st February (Not 21th My dear Bengali friends as I have seen most of you have written in your status and pictures) is observed worldwide as International Mother language day. Its actually the recognition of  “Language Movement day”, which has been commemorated when a number of University of Dhaka Students were killed by Pakistani army and police in Dhaka during Bengali Language Movement protests. In 1948 when the Pakistani governor general declared that Urdu will be the official language of both West Pakistan and East Pakistan(Bangladesh), the people of Bangladesh, whose main language is Bangla, started to protest against this. After lots of years of unrest and civil movement Bangla was established as the national Language of Bangladesh.( Its off the note but, Remember there was a concert done by the combined effort of Pandit Ravi Sankar and George Harrison, called “the concert for Bangladesh that included number of legends like Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr etc in 1971  at Madison square ground.)

Today as the Bangladesh and world is celebrating the day saluting their mother language, I guess the same is happening in Nepal too. Probably a number of Kabita and Nibanda Gosti might have been organized. We didn’t have to fight for our Independence and we got our Mother language by default. Most of the people in Nepal has Nepali as Mother language,  Many speak Maithili, Bhojpuri and Abhadi and Tharu Bhasa, and ther are many mother languages like Limbu, Gurung, Magar, Tamang. It is certainly so great to have so many language speaking people in such a small area and population. It is certainly something that we need to be proud of, and these are the things we need to preserve. For example now we don’t have the written ‘Lipi’ of Santhal (Satar) language that should have been preserved.

With the republic, came the freedom or in this case too much freedom. We are no longer a Hindu kingdom but a Secular Democratic(which part of democracy do you understad?) republic country and Nepali is not necessary a national language or official language within the country. But I don’t understand, How in the world should Hindi be the ‘Kaamkaji’ language of the Terai as Madhesi(Khawowadi) parties are demanding so hard to gain.I understand they wont have any demands if they are in the government, but still Hindi is not the Mother language of any part or any castal group of Nepal. The people argue that they are free to speak any language they wish are they have the right to speak any language they wish to. But my simple question to them is why Hindi? Nepali or every other Mother Language has been the integral part of  our country since the vey beginning then why replace the language we have already and are so rich in with the language of other country?

Today is the day that we remember how hard people in Bangladeshi people fought to recognize/establish Bangla as their National language and we are entangled in a fight that we can or can not take our oath as a vice-president, a minister or a Constitution assembly member in Hindi. For the other people who don’t care which language we speak coz they have American dreams in their Nepali Names, you can’t sit there and say,’Who care the hell about the country.”

सयथरी भाषा एउटै भेष, प्राणभन्दा प्यारो मेरो देश नेपाल।

जय नेपाल! 

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