Krishna Prashad Bhattarai- A leader whom we never understood ( #RIP #Kisunji )

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Articles, My Creations
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Krishna Prashad Bhattarai calls it quits. Actually like many people said he died in the morning but the death announcement was made only late at night so that the newly sworn minister will get salary for one day more. A gullible leader who was cheated most of the time by Koirala family most of the times he had to wait for more than 12 hours to be dead officially.


Born in 1934 in Benaras, India from Lalita Devi and Sankata Pd. Bhattarai and a bachelor in Economics he became part of Nepali Politics from 1947. As a member of Nepali Congress for almost all of his life he was the leader of armed movement which uprooted Rana regime from most of the eastern region. He was the speaker of parliament of 2015 at the age of 36, not surprisingly he was the youngest speaker till date. I am not sure, but I guess he lost the election then as BP was too afraid to make him minister because of his straight forward and verbose nature, so instead made him speaker. Noticeably he became president of Nepali Congress for a total of 19 years after the demise of BP.


During Panchayat regime, most of the leaders of Nepali Congress and other party flew to India and started doing Delhi based politics in Nepal. But he refused to  do so, as a result he had to spend about 14 years in Jail. Bhattarai spent 10 years in prison as he refused to write a petition to the king requesting his release. He became the last to be released from jail because of his uncompromising stance. Bhattarai had taken the bold decision to remain inside the country and fight for the cause of democracy, Nepal student’s union wouldn’t have been formed hadnt he been in Nepal.

I am burrowing some lines of Bijaykumar," the words, ‘greed’, ‘fear’, ‘expectation’, ‘political line’, never were a factor whether when he inhabited the cold floors of Pulchowk during the Panchayat days or when he worked at an air-conditioned office during his term as an all-powerful Interim Prime Minister.”. Probably there is no one is more (Gadeshman was) tortured by Panchayat than he was but throughout his life he lived by his principle. Also to mention he had been the most spiritually aware leader of Nepal and his relations with many saints and prophets is long known.

Krishna prasad bhattarai was appointed the first prime minister of the interim government on Baisakh 6, 2047 BS. He successfully oversaw the formulation of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal, 1991 and the general election of 2048 BS. But then started his demise as a leader. He was tricked in many ways by Girija Pd. Koirala. He lost the election in 2051, the Danga before that and then congress started to learn just one Name, Girija. In 2056 although he became primeminister from the party that had majority of members in the parliament he was tricked out of the government from his fellow party members.

But Kisunji never complained. He was the first to forgive Girija Pd. Koirala and all his deeds and he never demanded anything from him. He never did politics for seats, he never knew to work under others. He lived by his own principle and and died with them. He never had to sell his soul, as Girija did his for Sujata or Gadeshman did to some extent for P L singh. In the later stages of his life he remained saintly, self aware that there is nothing to lose or gain at the end. During the dusk of his life, Yoga meditation and a daily trip to Newroad became his daily routine.

Probably he is the only one who never sold himself for pennies. If he said I never did corruption if not all atleast I will believe. An epitome of integrity, he entered Baluwatar as prime minister with just his umbrella and water jar, and it was with just his umbrella and water jar that he left it again.His strict anti-corruption drive gave him the image of a clean politician. His anti-nepotism stand also helped him gain popularity among the public. once he said to  then Indian Primeminister Atal Bihari Bachpayi, “ हम आप जेसे सच्चा अविवाहित हैँ और आप जेसे झुठा ब्रम्हचारी”

The media never understood him and his humor. once he said all journalist are thieves and some other time he said I will go to parliament so that I can drink Brandies. though he said the things with humor, he was often on the wrong side of columns in papers. Often paper criticized his sex life and most ironically his relation with Amita Kapali. I cant forfeit saying that without kapli, Kisunji would have long gone.

Today As his lifeless body rests on the floor of his Bhattarai Ashram (that is symbolic of how low people can be as they did corruption while building an Ashram for Kisunji), lets see if the country gathers as one or like the fragments that we have been seeing for long now. A true condolence to Kisunji will be a constitution and stability to country as soon as possible (Remember how fast the country became stable after 2046’s movement, Kisunji was primminister then if you have forgotten already.

मेरो अन्तिम श्रद्धान्जलि राजनीतिका सन्त तिमिलाई।
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