Sneaky #Journalism (#snkyjrn ) from Kantipur- Taking #Twitter for #Granted

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Articles, My Creations
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Friday Midnight;

Dad: “Hey! son why did I send you to (Some Foreign countries)? To read or to do Online dating?”

Son, Rubbbing his eyes: “Hya! what are you saying dad?”

Dad: “Its your tweet in the paper, that says you are the person who does online dating?”

and that follows numerous wise words from dad and some explainations from son. All this because of one tweet that was published in the “Satako tweet haru” or “Weekly tweets” in a Friday suppliment of leading national daily of Nepal, Kantipur.

And some tweet that was published in the same paper almost cost a job of one. It was an friendly tweet about his boss in skirt that was done with a friend of him, and was published without notice to the tweeter. Imagine the worst case scenario about his boss seeing that tweet in paper!

Publishing tweets in National daily is an entirely new practice in Nepal. Twitter as a form of social networking has enormous potentials. Kantipur, as I thought earlier was doing good job giving place to such tweets in the paper. But, as my tweet never got published (and I don’t want them to) I never knew how all the tweets were published. But this friday when I inquired with, Ashish Luitel, the correspondent of Hello Sukrabaar about how all the tweets were published, he told me that those tweets were published as per the Journo’s selection without any Information of the tweeter.

He, and Dinesh Wagle, a senior Journalist of kantipur, said that according to UK ruling(well if you feel what the Hell is about UK ruling being practised in Nepal you are not the only one. @Ashish Luitel, Why not we use UK’s constitution in Nepal instead of making one here?) all the tweets in Public twitter account is public and anyone can publish them. (Here are some of the replies of him:_


Well, as you can see, the arrogance of the Journo in the tweets.

Ok, I agree.. twitter is a public place and you can publish it. But don’t you guys have a common sense. In your own language Twitter is a public place, like Tundikhel where everything is public. And what you see in Tundikhel? Some people dating, Fighting, Someone eating peanuts, some drinking cold-drinks, some selling the chineese products, and some people doing really good things like helping kids, oldies and beggers and not to mention the always-happening political drams. But what will you write if you have to write a line from tundikhel? Can’t you use your public sense about what will happen to that dating jodi if you publish about them? or what is the use of publishing that, “He/she was eating peanuts in the Tundikhel.” What is the use of such tweets.


Twitter is a public platform, no offense with that, but isn’t anyone allowed to roam in Tundikhel without any reason? or Does Democracy provides freedom to write to journalists only? Aren’t we allowed to speak what we want, regardless of what platform it it, be it Twitter or Facebook or any other sites. How can we do so if we have a constant fear that some journalist may sneak into my public timeline and publish whatever-the-hell they want to publish (coz they are the one to dictate) and that too without any information to us? Isn’t that sneaky journalism? or a tablod Journalism or Yellow journalism or Ratnaparke Journalism or what ever you like to call.

If you are a photojournalist you are allowed to take photos. But you are not allowed to take photos of private moments of people, regardless of what they are not doing. You are the one to dictate terms doesn’t mean that you can publish a girl’s photo in Bikini from swimming pool (its also public place I guess) or a beach and not inform the girl? can you Mr. Ashish Luitel? Mr. Dinesh Wagle?

And what hurted us the most was the way those two journos dealt with us, complainers. Fingers crossed for a ‘big coverage’ about this issue on Friday from Hellosukhrabaar, justifying this thing was all our(tweeters’) fault. We can expect worse than this.

btw, Hey @Aashisluitel , print this on your kantipur, ┌П┐ ("►_◄")┌П┐, see my tweets aren’t protected nd it’s funny enough! #crap

And here are few lines of @Ushaft that I am copeying from his blog:

“उधाहरणको निम्ति मानौँ कुनै सार्वजनिक स्थल, जस्तै बाटो, टुँडिखेल वा बसमा कोहि प्रेमी-प्रेमीका झगडा गर्दैछन्, या त प्रत्यक्ष या फोनमा । प्रेमीकाले प्रेमीलाई परस्त्रीसँग संबन्ध राखेको विषयलाई लिएर नानाथरी कुरा गर्दै गाली गर्दैछिन् । यो हामीले बारम्बार देख्ने गरेको, हेर्ने गरेको दृष्य हो । समाजमा यस्ता धेरै कुराहरु छन् जो हुन्छन्, घटिरहन्छन् भनेर हामीलाई थाहा छ, तर ती सम्बन्धित व्यक्तिहरुका नितान्त निजी जीवनका घटनाहरु हुन् । विवाद गर्न सकिएला कि निजी कुराहरु सार्वजनीक स्थानमा गर्न हुने कि नहुने वा कस्तो किसिमले गर्ने । सम्बन्धित व्यक्तिहरुले हामीलाई पटक्कै मननपर्ने र असभ्य शैलीमा आफ्ना क्रियाकलापहरु गरिराखेका पनि हुनसक्छन्, त्यसको समाधान कसरी गर्ने भन्ने कुरामा लामो बहस गर्न सकिन्छ । ती व्यक्तिहरुलाई मैला लुगाहरु घरमै धोउ, बाटोमा ल्याएर नधोउ पनि भन्न सकिन्छ ।
तर माथी उल्लेख गरिएको झगडाको संवाद भोलिपल्टको पत्रिकामा, ठूला, रङ्गिन अक्षरमा, सम्बन्धित व्यक्तिहरुका नाम सहित प्रकाशित गर्न हुने हो कि नहुने हो ? अझ देशको सबैभन्दा बढि बिक्रि हुने पत्रिकाले ? सो कुरा प्रकाशन गर्ने सम्बन्धित पत्रकार-सम्पादक र ती व्यक्तिहरुबिच केहि व्यक्तिगत रिसिबिको कारण यसो हुनगएको सम्म अनुमान गर्न सकिन्छ, तर पनि त्यसो गर्न हुने हो कि नहुने हो ?”

and here are some of the few other blogs and debates dealing with this issue;

Letter to Kantipur publication (#snkyjrn)

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एउटा लामो ट्वीट

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  1. “Little knowledge is dangerous thing!” – for Journalists Responses!
    Bharkar Bharkar Twitter (ra journalism) sikeka; Je pani garchan ni thau payepacchi!

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