The Colbert Report — Watch your tongue Dumbass! #colbert #kumari #nepal

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Articles, My Creations
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Freedom of speech doesnt means one has license to Play/mock with otherculture,nation,religion,pride,etc shameleslly in a tv show!!he sud appologize for this!!!i think colbert isunaware of the fact about DANISH CARTOONISTS who once cartoonize prophet muhammad andprobably is regretting as his life mistake who often is welcomed with many death threats andattack..,,dont play with gorkhali’s pride else ur pride will be shattered!!!!.its our culture dat makes usunique in this universe!!!!l we waste million quintals of rice(chamal) in dashain as tika and travelmillion miles just to get blessings from elders,,fasting by women for their families,,,worshipingmetal,money,cow,trees,flowers,rocks ,etc…it is just because we love and respect each and everyliving/nonliving creature of this unvierse…but one has no rights to play and mock ourpride,culture,nationality,religion, shamelessly in a tv show..we respect our visitors as god but if theymock with our pride,nationality,culture,religion etc we cant tolerate it…(Kriss)

Who the hell is this guy to comment with such abrassive language to the culture that is older than the America itself. Being an american doesn’t mean they can say whatever the hell they want. Do they think that being one of the poorest country of the world mean they can make fun about our culture that we cherish so much. Making fun of other’s culture is no part of a civilized person. What if we question about the rights of mary or how she was toppeled or all the injustices that christianity did against anyone who opposed it, prominently the scientists and what about the huge sum of money you guys spend to convert religion? Didn’t you think it was totally.inappropriate to compare Kumari, a goddess of about a billion people, to Hana Montena, and made fun of whole belief with the aid of one news that itself is inappropriate and misleading. Don’t make hasty conclusions based on no/lil knowledge.

What you said Mr. colbert is certainly over the limits. You may be one of the great showman, a great comedian but that gives you no right to say anything you want about our culture. Do you think shakya is funny then how about Dick? Even your former president has it. Kumari is a common goddess of Both Hindus and Buddhists, a symbol of religious tolerance and proof that how rich our culture is. You said you had the three qualities of Kumari…. let me ask you one thing, Do you even know what religious tolerance is? Yes you know the meaning, I am not that dumb, but what about the practical meaning. Don’t forget that you live in the country where just because a ‘psychopath’ Muslim laden and Al-Qaeda dropped planes in you buildings made you hate Isn’t it true?

We agree we are poor, we live in the foreign bucks that your country or other rich nations donates us. but that doesn’t makes you say about us. We may be the porters, but the porters are the one who takes you to the top of the Everest. And what the hell about the Flag? It’s the sign of how unique we are from rest of the world. It’s the flag Hindus all over the world cherish. It’s the flag that has been in use since the Vedic era. And you say we don’t know about rectangular flag?  what do you guys about Nepal? Do you still think that Nepali people are the one that Indiana Jones showed… the ones that lived in the jungle and drank liquor more than water? May be you guys should be wise enough to know that most of the toppers or A-grades of your universities are Nepalese.

The comment that offended the most was how you described America is the holiest land of all. It’s a country that doesn’t have a culture of its own, and its also a country which treats the aboriginal people as the second class citizen. And you say you live in the holiest land of all. oh! I forgot it’s a comedy show and you are the joker of it…. How Hilarious.

Colbert…. You definitely should apologize and watch you tongue from next time about what you say

  1. Kunj Shah says:

    coming from an indian person i can safely say that you are an idiot, and do not understand satire and sarcasm. how stupid can you get, its a parody show.

    • pkhatiwada says:

      there is a limit of satire…and there are certainly so many things that shouldnt be made fun of! the culture of Kumari, a tradition that has been synonomous with Nepal’s culture just as Mt. Everest is or Pasupatinath iS, is one thing that should never be made fun of.. what will be the circumstances of if people made fun of Mohambed? Or Nanak or Jesus…. What will happen if Raju shrivastava made an episode about jesus? What will you or the christians call then? I dont want to call myself bound by a religion but if someone questions our integrity, our culture, i dont care if people call me an idiot or stupid or a jerk I will always be there protesting it….. Cheers mate!

  2. nobody says:

    i’d never say an indian guy is right.. but in this case he is right about the show and you being an idiot..
    and you talk about the freedom of speech and the very same thing lets colbert make fun of jesus/ america / american peoples/ nepal/ nepalis/ kumari and even muhammad and muslims..
    and if we as Nepali can’t take a small joke and threaten him then we are no better than the terrorists.. and it contradict’s the whole teaching of Buddhism that you are so proud about..
    so stop expecting for an apology, coz u won’t get one and try laughing with the world for once and the whole world will admire your sense of humor..

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