Read: – 1) Harry Porter series(I couldn’t help but escape My Tiffin and buy each of its 7 part)

2) Every book so far Of Dan Brown(mostly he sells lies but still so eagerly wait for each of his stories to unfold)

3) Mother(Best book when I was in School….) and also Agni-Dikshya(Dunno what you call it in English)

4) The Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin SIngh…..(I owe so much to this book)

5) Chetan Bhagat masala Books(all of it)

6) Antarman ko chintan(?)(Sankar Pokhrel)

7) Palpasa cafe(fan of those letters) and Mayur times..

8)  lajja, French lover, Aaimai Manche(Taslima nasarin)

9) Bhupi sherchan ka kabita haru

10) Hari Bhakta katuwal ka Khojera Bhaye samma ka kabita haru (Big admirer of him)

11) I am agnostic but still read Mahabharat,Ramayana, Bible and Some Buddhist books(but not Dhammapada and Tripitaka)

12) Buddha and Jeasus, who was Jeasus and some other books that showed me the truth behind Christ

13) Tanneri Kheti by Saru Bhakta,

14) Radha by Krishna Dharabasi

15) The Child called it ( I forgot the name of writer/curse me/ but the book is based on the writer’s own life and its so painful story, His own mother treats him like an object and treats him so bad you can never imagine… painful that I never had the courage to read all the sections in the 3rd quarter(of 4) )


and so many others(couldnot include all today)


The book I am Dreading to read is: Pagal Basti by Saru Bhakta(Herd so much of it but hadn’t found a copy yet)


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