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Posted: May 13, 2011 in Articles, Other collections
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Somewhere in this world lies a country draped along the greatest heights of Himalayas; encircled by deep dark forests holding many wonders; bubbling and roaring, uninterrupted Waterfalls of immense strength and beauty; chosen by Almighty to render help from; a place so holy and tolerant enough to let Lord Buddha be born and inseminate the knowledge of life.clip_image002

This is what all people read and know about Nepal which they have read across many sites and magazines but let me, an inhabitant of Nepal, explain you what Nepal really is, from the experience of mine.

If we wanna experience or feel the nature in its purest ie wildest form, if you wanna witness how the mother of all, Nature looks like, then pay a visit to Nepal. The exotic scenes, the unexplored caves, never traversed forests all in their purest form dating back to the time when conventions like date system was never established.

Many of you have visited mountains and been thrilled to see: unwinding paths, extreme cold, depleting O2 level and the proudness of the mountain to stand tall and unmoved by any of the natures or human forces but let me tell you if you are a person thrilled by that never visit Nepal coz it may be an overdose.

The mountains here make those which you saw previously as plains. Oxygen in the summit of the tall avenger is as rare as a smile in the devils face. The paths winds in such a fashion that even the newest of your gadgets cant help you locate easily where you are. And the cold, damn even air is frozen here and everything looks snow white. Above all, the adventure you get, the thrill you feel, the satisfaction that will run through your blood, the happiness you will receive will be never ending. It feels, really, I want to do this again and again and if possible again.

A small country, yet one of the richest in water, does it feel like I should explain what it would be like. Oh, the heavenly waterfalls breezing cold air, rivers beneath the darkest forest hustling past the leaves creating symphony in the air, the serene and peace lakes smiling with you.

And the extreme sports and adventures that Nepal brings in collaboration with divine Nature: White water rafting across streams, Kayaking, taking off in micro-light aircrafts or paragliding for a good view of the mountains, Mountain biking, hiking to nearby destinations, bird watching, canoeing in the rivers, staying in rural homestays, Jungle safari, Trekking and mountain climbing, waiting for the Bengal tiger in Chitwan’s wild, sprouts awe stricken Gasp and silence in the admiration.

Have you heard of the apple of discord? That made Gods fight for it. I wondered why fight for it when we can get it anywhere till I visited Humla, a small hilly place in Nepal. The apple there can make you fight with anyone coz you will be never be satiated by it. It feels you are in paradise and they are offering you the best of their place.

Lord Buddha chose this ultra-holy utopian Nepal as his birth place to spread the message of peace, righteousness and compassion, yet Nepali are known for their bravery in battlefield as it was never captured let alone be ruled .

People here believe in love, care, respect and always adhere to it. They spare not a second to forgive their enemies.

Humble Nepali are always one of the most hospitable host of the guest.

Historical palaces, Serene stupas, divine temples, shrines and many other things enchants the sophisticated culture and tradition of here.clip_image004

And if you have heard of Yeti man and you are over achieving adventurer and want to search them, come here as it is still reported to be seen around here.

Who would show the negative aspects of their country and I am a patriot , but to see something so beautiful you must go through little difficulties. There are plights but the destination is a worth watching that would connect your dreams to reality and you would forget the hardship you went through.

via. Mikesh Khanal


MR. Stephen colbert-the dumbass joker, oh! yeah people call you a comedian don’t they? But I will like to call you a Joker, a comedian who makes his acts just to please viewers with insufficient knowledge and is unbearable to the legitimate/wise public. You are a Joker… and hey you also wrote some books(that I didn’t hear of). So, since sometime back you made fun of our country, one of our caste, our flag, and a living goddess that not only Nepalese but also Hindus and Buddhists believes in. Yes, since you made fun about kumari based on some inconclusive and misleading information you had I thought may be I can help you with some of the things I know about Kumari.


                            Comparing Kumari with Hana_Montana? Don’t Americans have respect to other religion?

But first things first… Do you Know what religious tolerance is? Oh! How could you know you only know about Jesus, or the Musa, or the amount of Hatred you have for Muslims since one ‘maroon’ named laden crashed planes in your building. You are the guys who decides to burn Quran, a holy book of more than a quarter of the world. You are the ones who burned all the books that described about Mary Magdalene, the original heir of jesus. You guys are the one who sucked the blood of Africans just because you thought you guys were superior because of colour. FYI, Hitler also thought he was superior and he certainly descended from the aryan clan. Don’t worry we are not here to describe who is superior.


     A ten-year old girl who is part of both Buddhist and Hindu tradition from time even before America was sovereign

Not only does Nepal have many gods, goddess, deities, Bodhisattvas (near Buddhas), avatars and manifestations, which are worshipped and revered as statues, images, paintings and symbols, but it also has a real living goddess. The Kumari Devi is a young girl who lives in the building known as the Kumari Ghar, right beside Kathmandu’s Durbar Square. From time immemorial the practice of worshipping an ordinary pre-pubescent girl as a source of supreme power has been an integral part of both Hinduism and Buddhism, a tradition which continues even to this day virtually in every household. They call this girl Kumari Devi and worship her on all the religious occasions. The Kumari Ghar was built By Mahendra Malla in 1549 AD (yes, more than a century before your country got sovereignty). The kumari Now resides in Kumari Ghar built by King Jaya Prakash Malla in 1757. Kumari generally waves the devotees from Kasthamandava a 12th century building believed to be made from a single tree.

Kumari is believed to be the reincarnation of Taleju, a goddess believed to be Buddhist by birth, and represents the ancient Hindu deity of Nepal. Kumari is not just the symbol of power or goddess, she is the symbol of religious tolerance we have in our small yet so big country.There is an ancient story based on mythology. The Malla Kings of the Valley in ancient times had wide knowledge of practising Tantricism. They used to play dice and other games with the goddess Taleju with their tantric powers. King Jaya Prakash Malla, the last Malla ruler of Kathmandu used to play dice with Goddess Taleju. He became fascinated by the charming beauty of the goddess. He lost control and caught her by the hands. The goddess perceived his erotic thoughts and was enraged by his immoral attitude, she immediately vanished from the king’s sight. That night the king again saw Goddess Taleju in his dream. In his dream she strictly warned him that he shall no longer be blessed by her. His dynasty was going to end. The king would only be able to get darshan in the new form of pre-menstrual girl belonging to the Shakya caste in whom the goddess herself is said to dwell as goddess Kumari. Since then, the Kumari is worshipped as the living virgin goddess. The Kumari bahal was built in 1767 during the reign of King Jaya Prakash Malla. He also instituted the festival of drawing the chariot of Kumari, the living goddess followed by other two living gods- Ganesh and Bhairav. It may amaze you that The Kings of Nepal would be considered kings only if the Kumari gave them blessings. Yes, the kings had to bow before the three year old girl which you made fun about.

The selection of the Living Goddess is a highly elaborate tantric ritual. Upon passing the preliminary test, this is merely concerned with their 32 attributes of perfection, including the colour of her eyes, the shape of her teeth and the sound of her voice. Her horoscope must also be appropriate. The 4 to 7 year poor girls from the Sakya community are made to confront a goddess in the darkened room. The sight of the Buffalo heads scattered around, the demon- like masked dancers, the terrifying noises theyencounter scare some of these innocent babies. The real goddess is unlikely to be frightened, so the one who is calm and collected throughout the tests is the only girl who is entitled to sit on the pedestal for worship as the Living Goddess. Then as a final test similar to that of the Dalai Lama, the Kumari then chooses items of clothing and decoration worn by her predecessor. (Not just the three characters you said dumbass, know something before commenting/mocking others.) In fact if you want to know these are the qualities the Kumaris must possess:

1) Feet well proportioned.2) Spiralling lines on the soles of the feet. 3) Nails well proportioned. 4) Long and well formed toes. 5) Feet and hands like those of a duck (with netlike lines). 6) Feet and hands soft and firm. 7) The body broad at the shoulders and narrow at the waist. 8) Thighs like those of a deer. 9) Small and well recessed sexual organs. 10) Chest like a lion. 11) Well-spread shoulders. 12) Long arms. 13) Pure body.14) Neck like a conch shell. 15) Cheeks like lion. 16) Forty teeth. 17) Teeth white and nicely shaped. 18) No gaps between teeth. 19) Tongue small and sensitive. 20) Tongue moist. 21) Voice clear and soft like a duck’s. 22) Eyes blue/black. 23) Eyelashes like those of a cow. 24) A beautiful complexion with white luster. 25) A gold-coloured complexion. 26) Skinpores small and not too open. 27) Hair-whorls stiff and turning to the right. 28) Hair black. 29) Forehead large and well-proportioned. 30) Head round with cone-shaped top. 31) Body shaped like a banyan tree. 32) Robust body.

We are not Afghanistan or Iraq, We don’t have oil that might interest you. We are a small country with people who are well aware of limitations they have. we may depend upon the millions foreign-bucks that we get in donations or may be America is a sacred place that all of Nepalese cherish to go to, but still we cant bear what some idiot maroon dumbass joket like you says about our culture so old, infact older than the America itself. And Moreover if you found ‘Shakya’ funny what about the surnames like ‘Dick’ you guys have? And on the comments you made about our flag, go check the google, it’s the oldest flag of the world that has existed since vedic period as a symbol of Hinduism.

Colbert….. you have no rights to say such things about our country-Kumari-Flag….. and come apologize Mr. Stephen Colbert!

Here is a link if you haven’t seen what he said.—nepalese-pre-teen-goddesses

Freedom of speech doesnt means one has license to Play/mock with otherculture,nation,religion,pride,etc shameleslly in a tv show!!he sud appologize for this!!!i think colbert isunaware of the fact about DANISH CARTOONISTS who once cartoonize prophet muhammad andprobably is regretting as his life mistake who often is welcomed with many death threats andattack..,,dont play with gorkhali’s pride else ur pride will be shattered!!!!.its our culture dat makes usunique in this universe!!!!l we waste million quintals of rice(chamal) in dashain as tika and travelmillion miles just to get blessings from elders,,fasting by women for their families,,,worshipingmetal,money,cow,trees,flowers,rocks ,etc…it is just because we love and respect each and everyliving/nonliving creature of this unvierse…but one has no rights to play and mock ourpride,culture,nationality,religion, shamelessly in a tv show..we respect our visitors as god but if theymock with our pride,nationality,culture,religion etc we cant tolerate it…(Kriss)

Who the hell is this guy to comment with such abrassive language to the culture that is older than the America itself. Being an american doesn’t mean they can say whatever the hell they want. Do they think that being one of the poorest country of the world mean they can make fun about our culture that we cherish so much. Making fun of other’s culture is no part of a civilized person. What if we question about the rights of mary or how she was toppeled or all the injustices that christianity did against anyone who opposed it, prominently the scientists and what about the huge sum of money you guys spend to convert religion? Didn’t you think it was totally.inappropriate to compare Kumari, a goddess of about a billion people, to Hana Montena, and made fun of whole belief with the aid of one news that itself is inappropriate and misleading. Don’t make hasty conclusions based on no/lil knowledge.

What you said Mr. colbert is certainly over the limits. You may be one of the great showman, a great comedian but that gives you no right to say anything you want about our culture. Do you think shakya is funny then how about Dick? Even your former president has it. Kumari is a common goddess of Both Hindus and Buddhists, a symbol of religious tolerance and proof that how rich our culture is. You said you had the three qualities of Kumari…. let me ask you one thing, Do you even know what religious tolerance is? Yes you know the meaning, I am not that dumb, but what about the practical meaning. Don’t forget that you live in the country where just because a ‘psychopath’ Muslim laden and Al-Qaeda dropped planes in you buildings made you hate Isn’t it true?

We agree we are poor, we live in the foreign bucks that your country or other rich nations donates us. but that doesn’t makes you say about us. We may be the porters, but the porters are the one who takes you to the top of the Everest. And what the hell about the Flag? It’s the sign of how unique we are from rest of the world. It’s the flag Hindus all over the world cherish. It’s the flag that has been in use since the Vedic era. And you say we don’t know about rectangular flag?  what do you guys about Nepal? Do you still think that Nepali people are the one that Indiana Jones showed… the ones that lived in the jungle and drank liquor more than water? May be you guys should be wise enough to know that most of the toppers or A-grades of your universities are Nepalese.

The comment that offended the most was how you described America is the holiest land of all. It’s a country that doesn’t have a culture of its own, and its also a country which treats the aboriginal people as the second class citizen. And you say you live in the holiest land of all. oh! I forgot it’s a comedy show and you are the joker of it…. How Hilarious.

Colbert…. You definitely should apologize and watch you tongue from next time about what you say

नोट: यसलाई कथा नसम्झीदिनुहोला,आफ्नै परिवेशको सत्यघटना हो यो, काल्पनिक लागेमा छ्यामाप्रार्थी छु।” 

आज उसले कछ्या ८ मा जिल्लाका सबैलाई चक्मा दिई छ। बिहानै घरबाट फोन आएको थियो, त्यसको घरमा खुसिको रुवाबासि चलेको छ रे। उसको नाम बिनुषा हो तर सबैले बिनु-बिनु भन्दा बिनुनै बनाईदीए नामनै। राम्रि छे, बानिवेहोरा सबै चिरिच्याट्ट परेको छ, घरमा पनि सबै काममा हात बटाउँछे। नाम जति सानो र सुन्दर छ, त्यतिनै पीडादयी छ उसको रामकहानी।


उसको बाउ, अन्तरे, अनी आमा अन्तरी, ५२ सालतिर होला, भागेर बिहे गरेका थिए। बाउ मगर अनी आमा छेत्री, बिहे पछी छुट्टिएर बसे घरनजिकै एउटा झुप्रो हालेर। बाउचाहिँ रोजगारि गरेर सबैको पेट पालिरहेको थियो, राम्ररीनै चलिरहेको थियो परिवार। ५४ सालमा कसैले नसोचेको घटना घट्यो। दिनभरी यौटा स्कुलमा कामगरेर राति घरबाहिर खाटमा पल्टिरहेको उसलाई राति प्रहरि ले पक्रेर लाग्यो। मुद्दा लगाइयो, गाउँमा कसैले सुइँको नपाएको (हँदै नभएको) डाका मुद्दा। माइधारमा डाका गरेको आारोप लाएका थिए, तर खै माइधारवासि ले थाहै पाएनछन कहाँ डाका लाग्यो भनेर। पछि बुझ्दै जाँदा कसैले उसलाई माओवादी भएको सुराकि दिएछ। काहीँ नपाएर माओवादी होस बिचारा कसैले पुरानो रिसिभी मजासंग झार्यो होलानै। एकवर्ष सम्म मुद्दा चलाएर भका नभका सबुत र साच्छी बटुलेर १० वर्षको लागि जेल चलान गर्यो टाउकाको मोल तोक्ने सरकारले।

सायद, उसको मामली भाइ थियो यौटा, सक्रिय कार्यकर्ता, त्यहि सम्झेर पक्रेको पनि हुनसक्छ। दुधेको मान्छे चन्द्रगडि पुर्याएपछि, घरमा दु:खको भूमरी सुरु भयो, एकजना थियो कामगरेर जुटाउने, समस्याको बाडी सुरु भयो। आमाले अरुको मा कामगरेर अनि बेलामौकामा सागपात र रक्सी बेचेर आमाछोरीको पेट पालीरहेका थिए। झन्डै ६ महिना पछि उसका हजुरबाउचाहीँले आमाछोरीलाइ नै बोलाए मूलगरमा, संगै बस्ने गरी। मोटामोटी राम्रै संग बितिरहेको थियो, तिनिहरुको जिवन। उता बाहुलाई चाहिँ खप्नैसंग यातना दिन्थे अर, म त सानै थिएँ, बाबा जानुहुन्थ्यो भेट्न, धेरैपटक।विचाराले छोरीको मुखनी हेर्न पाएको थिएन, झन्डै एकाध वर्षपछि आमा र छोरी भेट्न जाँदा रुवाबासी नै चलेको थियो रे।

माओवादी त थिएन, तर पनि सबैले माओवादी ठानेर पक्राउ परेको भनेपछि परिवारसंग हिमचिम बढाउन थाले रातो तालो भिरेर देश बदल्न हिड्नेहरुले, बदले कि नाहिँ हेरी हाल्यौ। तर अब गरिब निमुखा र हेपिएका हरुको आवाज हौँ भन्दै आएपछी, राज्यबाट प्रताडित अन्तरेकी बुढी अन्तरी पग्लि हाली, काखकी छोरी नभएकी भए, सक्रिए कार्यकर्तापनि हुन बेर थिएन, असक्रियनै भएपनि कार्यकर्ता चाहिँ भई। मुल गर पनि मुल घरभन्नु मात्रै थियो, एकजा अन्ग्रेजका लागि गोलि खाएर भारतिय सेनाको पेन्सन खाइरहेका बुढा हजुरबुवा, जिन्दगिभरी कहिले आफ्नो अनि कहिले अरुको काममा जोतिँदा अनि भाँडासंग माझिँदा-माझिँदै खिइएकि बुढि हजुरआमा, अनि एकजोडा लाटा बढाऊहरु, विचाराहरुलाई गनेपनि ठिक नगनेपनि ठिक। हुनत यौटा बाठो भाइ अनि बुहारी नी थिए तर ति परे बाठा, काठमान्डौबासी।  

झन्डै दुईवर्षकि थिइहोली बिनु त्यतिबेला। आमाभन्दा बढि हजुरबाउ संगै झुम्मिन्थि ऊ। सखारै हाम्रो घरमा चिया खान नआइ, न त नातिनी न त बुढा हजुरबाउको दिन सुरु हुन्थ्यो, मेरो हजुरबुवा भन्नुहुन्थ्यो, २६ सालदेखिको निरन्तरता हो अरे, साँद जोडिएका अनि त्योभन्दापनि बढि मन जोडिएका छिमेकिको, जेजस्तो सारोगारो परेनी बाटोकाटेर कहिल्यै गएनन रे,तिनि अर्थात पूर्वछाने बढाऊ। प्रसंग बदलिएछ, त्यतिबेला बिराटनगरमा ठूलो आमसभा थियो रे, माओवाद छादेर प्रचण्डपथी बनेकाहरुको, अन्तरी पनि जानेभइ त्यस सभामा। जानत गई तर दूइदीनसम्मनी अत्तोपत्तो केहि थाहभएन, आमसभामा गोलिचलेको सुनेका सबैको होसहवास उडेको थियो। सबैको मनचाहीँ २ भर्खर पुगेकि त्यहि बिनुको के हुने हो भनेर थियो। पछि खबर आयो, पुलिसले पक्डेको छ भन्ने, फेरि सुनियो ६ महिनाको लागि चन्द्रगडि चलानगर्यो भन्ने। दु:खि त भइयोनै तर एकमनले खुसिपनि लाग्यो, लोग्ने स्वास्निको फेरि भेट हुने भयो भनेर।

यसो उसो गर्दागर्दै ६ महिना बित्यो, आमा जेलबाट पनि छुटि, त्सपछि राम्ररिनै चलिरह्यो परिवार। हेर्दैजाँदा, बिनुपनि स्कुलजाने भइ। आफ्नै स्कुलमा कामगर्दै गर्दा अन्तरे पक्राउ परेको कारण धनबादुर सरले नि:शुल्क पढाइदिने घोषणा गरे बिनुलाई। पहिलो हुननसकेपनि दोस्रो, तेस्रो हुनेगर्थि सँधै। कछ्या एकमा पढ्थि त्यतिबेला त्यो, असारमा ग्यानेन्द्रको जन्मदिन पारेर उसको बाऊले आममाफि पाएछ। स्कुलबाट घरफरकेर दलानमा बसेकि थिई, बाउचाहिँ टपल्कियो, झुत्रो झोला अनि मैला लुगाहरुमा। अचम्मनै भन्नुपर्छ, ६ वर्षकि बिनु चिच्याइ, “ममि बाबा आउनुभयो!”। आश्चर्य र खुसि एकैसाथ हालालुछ भएर आयो त्यो घरमा, अनि गाऊँका सबैलाइ कुँडुल्यार ल्यायो,कहिल्यै नभेटिएका बाउछोरीको त्यो अनौठो सम्बन्ध देखेर।

माओवादी भनेर जेल परेको, आन्दोलनको चरम अवस्थामा छाडिएपछी, अब पछिलाग्न थाले जनसेना बढाउन लागेका झालेमालेहरु। हस्तरेखाजस्तो आफैँमा टाँसिएको गरिबी

प्रत्येक पल मरिरहेका तिनै सपनाहरूसँगै उसले विदेशजाने निर्णय गर्यो। गरीबको पुर्पुरोमा सुख कहाँ सजिलै आऊँछ। अरब पुगेको ऊ, सायद जेलको यातनाको कारणले होला, मेडिकलमा फेल भनेर फर्काइदियो। जग्गा धितो राखेर विदेश छिरेको उसको १ लाख रुपैयाँ पनि झिरिप्पै भयो। गरिबिको दिनहरु त अब सुरु हुने वाला थिए। बुहारी संग मेल नभएपछि फरकिए आफ्नै झुप्रोमा। अन्तरे रिक्सा खेप्न थाल्यो, अन्तरी तरकारी बेच्थि, वा भनौँ, गरीबिसंग सम्झौता गरे तिनवटैले। कहिले मकै त कहिले भात गर्दै, बिस्तारै ऋण पनि तिर्दै गए, अनि छोरी पनि पढाऊँदै। अलिअलि गर्दै दिन फर्के उसका पनि। खेत उकासेपछि के खाने भन्ने समस्याले पनि पिछा छाड्यो।

त्यहि दु:खमा हुर्केकि बिनु, आज ८ किलासमा सबैलाई उछिन्दै जिल्ला प्रथम भइ, हर्षको सिमा छैन म मा पनि आज। एकप्रकारले मेरि विद्यार्थी पनि, अनि सारा दु:ख-सुख नजिकैबाट निहालेको नाताले। हुनत यात्रा अझै बाँकि छ, तरपनि कुवाझैँ खोपिल्टा परेको
आँखामा हुर्किएको यौटा सपना सार्थक भएको छ, एउटा दरिलो झापड दिएकी छे बिनुले हाम्रो समकालिन समाजलाई।


Krishna Prashad Bhattarai calls it quits. Actually like many people said he died in the morning but the death announcement was made only late at night so that the newly sworn minister will get salary for one day more. A gullible leader who was cheated most of the time by Koirala family most of the times he had to wait for more than 12 hours to be dead officially.


Born in 1934 in Benaras, India from Lalita Devi and Sankata Pd. Bhattarai and a bachelor in Economics he became part of Nepali Politics from 1947. As a member of Nepali Congress for almost all of his life he was the leader of armed movement which uprooted Rana regime from most of the eastern region. He was the speaker of parliament of 2015 at the age of 36, not surprisingly he was the youngest speaker till date. I am not sure, but I guess he lost the election then as BP was too afraid to make him minister because of his straight forward and verbose nature, so instead made him speaker. Noticeably he became president of Nepali Congress for a total of 19 years after the demise of BP.


During Panchayat regime, most of the leaders of Nepali Congress and other party flew to India and started doing Delhi based politics in Nepal. But he refused to  do so, as a result he had to spend about 14 years in Jail. Bhattarai spent 10 years in prison as he refused to write a petition to the king requesting his release. He became the last to be released from jail because of his uncompromising stance. Bhattarai had taken the bold decision to remain inside the country and fight for the cause of democracy, Nepal student’s union wouldn’t have been formed hadnt he been in Nepal.

I am burrowing some lines of Bijaykumar," the words, ‘greed’, ‘fear’, ‘expectation’, ‘political line’, never were a factor whether when he inhabited the cold floors of Pulchowk during the Panchayat days or when he worked at an air-conditioned office during his term as an all-powerful Interim Prime Minister.”. Probably there is no one is more (Gadeshman was) tortured by Panchayat than he was but throughout his life he lived by his principle. Also to mention he had been the most spiritually aware leader of Nepal and his relations with many saints and prophets is long known.

Krishna prasad bhattarai was appointed the first prime minister of the interim government on Baisakh 6, 2047 BS. He successfully oversaw the formulation of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal, 1991 and the general election of 2048 BS. But then started his demise as a leader. He was tricked in many ways by Girija Pd. Koirala. He lost the election in 2051, the Danga before that and then congress started to learn just one Name, Girija. In 2056 although he became primeminister from the party that had majority of members in the parliament he was tricked out of the government from his fellow party members.

But Kisunji never complained. He was the first to forgive Girija Pd. Koirala and all his deeds and he never demanded anything from him. He never did politics for seats, he never knew to work under others. He lived by his own principle and and died with them. He never had to sell his soul, as Girija did his for Sujata or Gadeshman did to some extent for P L singh. In the later stages of his life he remained saintly, self aware that there is nothing to lose or gain at the end. During the dusk of his life, Yoga meditation and a daily trip to Newroad became his daily routine.

Probably he is the only one who never sold himself for pennies. If he said I never did corruption if not all atleast I will believe. An epitome of integrity, he entered Baluwatar as prime minister with just his umbrella and water jar, and it was with just his umbrella and water jar that he left it again.His strict anti-corruption drive gave him the image of a clean politician. His anti-nepotism stand also helped him gain popularity among the public. once he said to  then Indian Primeminister Atal Bihari Bachpayi, “ हम आप जेसे सच्चा अविवाहित हैँ और आप जेसे झुठा ब्रम्हचारी”

The media never understood him and his humor. once he said all journalist are thieves and some other time he said I will go to parliament so that I can drink Brandies. though he said the things with humor, he was often on the wrong side of columns in papers. Often paper criticized his sex life and most ironically his relation with Amita Kapali. I cant forfeit saying that without kapli, Kisunji would have long gone.

Today As his lifeless body rests on the floor of his Bhattarai Ashram (that is symbolic of how low people can be as they did corruption while building an Ashram for Kisunji), lets see if the country gathers as one or like the fragments that we have been seeing for long now. A true condolence to Kisunji will be a constitution and stability to country as soon as possible (Remember how fast the country became stable after 2046’s movement, Kisunji was primminister then if you have forgotten already.

मेरो अन्तिम श्रद्धान्जलि राजनीतिका सन्त तिमिलाई।